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Things you need to know about the Security Features of Online Fax


The most inevitable and valuable device to many of the business is a fax machine. With the internet getting more advanced, Online Fax is the new technology that has set the traditional Fax system aside. By using Online Fax, a business doesn’t require a machine that is fixed to a place. Business owners are now at the ease of sending and receiving fax from anywhere in the world. All that is needed to enable an online fax service is to subscribe for one. Then, faxing is enabled at a touch the finger as it can be accessed even through the smartphones.

The one and only doubt that comes to the mind of everyone is the security of the online fax system. This is because all the sensitive data of the business that needs to be sent through fax has to be sent through the internet. And undoubtedly, everyone knows how unsafe the internet is. But is traditional fax safe? The answer is, if proper security measures are not taken, then both the traditional and online fax systems will be subjected to eavesdropping. Many online fax services need to ensure the protection of their subscriber’s data because of the tough regulations for data privacy and security such as HIPAA. Given below are some of the security features given by the Online Fax Services for the protection of sensitive data on


There are two types of encryption – Incoming Encryption of Fax and Outgoing Encryption of Fax. In the case of Incoming Fax Encryption, when a fax comes via email or SSL (Secure Socket Layer), the online fax service encrypts the fax message/file. While the encryption is not done on the original message sent by the correspondent, it does encrypt the messages when it hits the fax servers / before the message transits to the receiver’s system. For Outbound Fax Encryption, the message is encrypted and secure while going to the fax server.

In addition to the above encryptions, Confirmation messages are also sent on delivery of the messages. Though this delivery message is unencrypted, people can choose this to be in an encrypted form to make it more secure.

Secure Socket Layer Web Service

When it comes to choosing an online Fax Service company, make sure to check for the SSL certificate. This will give a confidence that the website provided by them are safe and secure. Say, for example, a web link is provided in the email pointing to the faxed document, then when the web link is clicked, the link has to open a Secure Socket layer connection and then retrieve the document in order to display it in the browser. This will always ensure that the document that is faxed is never seen by the unsecured internet connection.

How do we know that a webpage is SSL certified? This can be easily identified by looking at the URL address bar of the browser. If you can see a closed security lock as a graphic image next to the URL, then it means that the page is SSL certified. SSL certified pages are usually shown only when there is any personal information to be typed or to be seen.

Privacy Policy

Many online faxing services even make a clause in their privacy policy that personal information of the subscriber (Name, address, fax number, etc.,) will not be shared with anyone and will be kept confidential. These details will be submitted only if the court orders them to. Hence, it is always better to look into the privacy policy of the Fax service before selecting one.

User Authentication

In order to access the fax documents, valid user name and password has to be provided. Some services even provide roles based on the authenticated user like users and operators.

Automatic Removal of Fax

If the messages are sensitive and need to be deleted soon after it is delivered, there are options to delete the messages from the server. This is to ensure protecting the sensitive information.

Audit Trails

Many acts like the HIPAA is very particular about data security. To ensure that and to be compliant with these kind of regulations, many of the fax services maintain full audit trails of the sent and received faxes.

Physical Security

To keep all the fax servers secure, the location is provided with proper security setup and also, proper backup plans are designed to keep the servers up and running.

System Security

Security at the operating system level is provided by minimizing the number of access points to the server. Proper management is done at the operating system level, database level and the server level to ensure security.


The fax server is protector is always protected by suitable firewalls and there are detection systems installed to detect intrusions. Also, the firewall logs are checked on a regular basis to check for any kind of security threats.